Retractable Dog Leashes With Style! Don't settle for the same old boring Retractable Dog Leashes in plain colors.

Get a Retractable Dog Leash that shows your dog's (and your) personality!

These are definitely not your boring old retractable leashes. Let your personality shine with the Avant Garde Retractable Leash series. Made of fine materials, these dog leashes are not only cute but a quality product.

Leash is made of artificial leather, and is suitable for small and large dogs.

14,00 €

This leash reflects the style and boldness of you and your pet.

28,00 €

Didn't have the guts for the permanent version? Sport this painless and commitment-free one instead.

25,00 €

Let your little protector prove how tough he/she is.

25,00 €